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Kindness  and Malice

Hoy le pedí a Naoki San que compartiera con nosotros, como artista, algo de su visión sobre la relación entre BELLEZA y AIKIDO, y nos regala un fragmento de su libro HIN.

Kindness and Malice

From HIN (ebook)

Described simply, Aikido uses techniques performed on the joints.

In Aikido, one can cause sharp pain to one's partner by applying a small amount of force to their joints, a very simple martial art indeed.

It is also a martial art of instantaneous enlightenment, Whether that pain comes from one's partner's kindness in training or from their malice to injure is instantly recognizable.

The techniques bom of the partner's good intent are those that guide us and instruct us beautifully in their severity.

Those bom of ill intent, together with horrifying pain, expose us to ugliness.

In order to attain true understanding and mastery of these transcendent techniques we must practice the simple movements again and again,over and over.

Aikido that is full of kindness is strong Aikido, and can guide us towards beauty that is Absolute beauty.品-Japanese-NAOKI-ebook/dp/B083K3MMMH

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